Jurisdiction & District Leaders


Florida Central Second Jurisdiction…

To be a cutting edge Jurisdiction that is powerful enough to produce strong Districts that consist of growing local ministries for Kingdom Expansion.

Mission Statement

Florida Central Second Jurisdiction is called to develop a strong support for the Local churches making up Regional Districts to up build the Kingdom through a system of prayer, developmental tools and economic development

Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. is the Jurisdictional Prelate...This is a purpose driven, progressive body of believers who ...are destined to expand the kingdom. He was appointed to his first pastorship in 1974, at Cross Church Of God In Christ, in Cross City, Florida. In 1979, Bishop Jacob Cohen installed Elder Robinson to succeed Bishop Williams as pastor of Southside Church Of God In Christ. Even with all of his duties, Pastor Robinson was determined to continue his education. So he earned an Associate’s Degree from Florida Junior College in 1980. In 1982, he earned a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Southeastern Bible College in Orlando, Florida. His studies continued at Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. In spite of his busy schedule, he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 1998 from Edward Waters College, where he graduated with honors.

In 1996, he was appointed Second Assistant to Bishop Kinsey. In 1998, he was appointed Chairman of the Public Relations Department for the Jurisdiction. Superintendent Robinson proved to be a great visionary. The vision to expand the ministry of Southside Church Of God In Christ, to include facilities that would accommodate the church’s needs was divinely given to Superintendent Robinson a few years ago. Under his leadership, the congregation recognized the extensive needs of the ministry and rallied behind his efforts to make the vision become a reality. “The Miracle On Emerson Street” was completed in November 2003, the same year that Superintendent Robinson was appointed to the office of Bishop, thereby becoming the Jurisdictional Prelate of Florida Central Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

Mother Judy Little

Florida Central Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Women's Department

Supervisor-Designee of Women

Florida Central Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

Ocala District

Unity Tabernacle Church of God in Christ District Church

The pastor of Unity is Superintendent Elton Oliver, Sr. Supt. Oliver is a kind, God-fearing man who is not afraid to speak as "thus saith the Lord". He also serves as the Superintendent of the Ocala District. He recieved his calling from God into ministry and at the age of 18, Elton Oliver was ordained a Minister. He continued to maintain an humble and meek spirit and went on to attend various bible classes under the instruction of his former bishop, and was ordained an Elder in the Church of God In Christ. In 1985 he was called to pastor the Unity Church of God In Christ in Zuber, Florida. With his wife, Evangelist Vivian Oliver, Pastor Oliver continued to lead Gods' people to the kingdom through his preaching and conducting revivals. Pastor Oliver was appointed Superintendent of the Ocala District by Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr., Jurisdictional Prelate of Florida Central Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Superintendent Elton Oliver, Sr. is an anointed vessel of God, and through the preaching of God's word, he touches the lives of those who receive the gospel through this ministry that God has given him. His loves to recite this favorite phrase after each service, "I'm yours Lord, I've been brought with a price, I belong to you, have your way Lord, in my life, in Jesus, Amen!"

The First Lady of Unity Tabernacle is the beautiful and wise District Missionary Vivian Oliver, who serves by her husband's side as District Missionary of the Ocala District. Unity Tabernacle is a bible based/teaching and spirit filled church. She is an active member in her local church where she teaches Sunday School and is the Bible band President. She is employed with Blessed Trinity Catholic School in Ocala where she has been an employee for 20 years as a primary school teacher. Missionary Vivian Oliver loves the work of the Lord and is endeavored to please the Lord in her every walk in life.

Her motto is "Lord, I'm available to you."

In Memoriam

Mother Mildred Loman Eason

Supervisor of Women

Florida Central Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

Mother Eason was an anointed teacher, evangelist and music minister for the Lord. Her church involvement was “her life”. God’s anointing upon her life was predestined before her birth. In fulfilling the work He has commissioned her to do, she served in many capacities. She served as Minister of Music, church organist, pianist, local and jurisdictional praise and worship leader, sunshine band president, evangelist missionary, Sunday school teacher, member of the mother’s board and church administrator.

Mother Eason was a woman of wisdom whose message to everyone "It's All About Him!" She truly loved people, but most dear to her ministry was "Caring For The Senior Mothers" and "Investing in Our Youth." After months of enduring afflictions as a "good Soldier," God summoned His servant. On Sunday June 2, 2019, at 8:50pm, Mother Mildred Loman Eason received an Angelic Escort from earth to glory. Her great legacy and contributions to God, her family, Jurisdiction and the saints whose path crossed hers will never be forgotten.